Fast, Safe Tree Removal

Trees sometimes need to come down to improve the safety and appearance of your property. Treebusters offers fast, safe tree removal and stump grinding throughout Racine and Kenosha counties.

Complete Service
We take care of all aspects of cutting and removing trees, from your free, on-site estimate to stump grinding. With a Bobcat™ and lift truck, we handle jobs of all sizes and tailor our services to your needs. Once the tree is down, we can either take away the wood and limbs, leave you with a nice stack of firewood, or chip the wood for landscaping work — it's up to you!

Lot Clearing
Make way for new development by clearing trees from your property. We offer efficient, affordable lot clearing and our team makes sure the area is completely clean before we leave.

Emergency Removal
Old or broken trees can be dangerous to you, your property, and your neighbors. We offer prompt, safe removal of problem trees. Our emergency service is ideal for trees that have suffered storm damage.

Firewood for Sale
A crackling fire is enjoyable at any time of year. We sell firewood for fireplaces, stoves, and bonfires.

Branch Cutting